About Us

Transforming organizations through innovation

Identity Software Solutions was founded on a simple, powerful idea: provide IT and management consulting services, which will allow our customers to evolve through innovation. Since 2012, Identity Software Solutions has been helping Federal Agencies and Commercial companies do just that. We help organizations evolve by focusing on innovative solutions to business challenges.


We are passionate about what we do and have an unsurpassed reputation for exceeding customer expectations. We pride ourselves on continually raising the bar for excellence, integrity, and professionalism.


What differentiates Identity Software Solutions from the competition? The answer is simple, we focus on providing the desired outcome, while our competitors focus on just providing products and services. This allows us to look at the big picture and put the appropriate products and services in place, which ensures a successful outcome.

Flexible approach

We offer a flexible approach as per your needs. We offer:

  • Part-time or Full-time IT Consultants, certified and US based.
  • On-Site or Remote IT Services
  • ServiceNow app development